I have emotions about this post.

Fucking thank you

first lesson learned as an animal trainer is that 99% of the ‘problems’ a pet has are human made.

Many cities have city wide bans against Pit Bulls now, it’s disgusting. Even people who use them as service animals have had to get rid of them. Breed specific legislation needs to end. Two great shows I recommend for those who wish to learn more about this is Pit Boss (also has little people in it - yay!) and Pit Bulls & Porolees - both are available on Netflix. 

Thoughts of the morning.

The struggle of my anxiety is often that I find myself looking for context through cause in order to shape, or even fabricate some sort of preconceived effect because I cant trust that as a human, I can easily adapt to a changing, or fluid situation.

Not everything needs to be made into a puzzle, and even if you find yourself solving one, it might not have 1000 pieces like you want.

Sometimes I find myself fabricating such puzzles about someone or something and paint a perspective that when faced with reality—the intersection of multiple perspectives—doesnt hold up like I fruitlessly hope for in any situation. The process I use to create those around me is inherently flawed, so why must I be so frustrated with them when in reality theyre created inside of me?

If I ask myself a question and answer it with logical reasoning, what was the point of asking myself? The information was there, why must I query myself for my own information? Or did I not actually know? What is ‘knowing’? Did this information actually come from within, or from a hypothetical situation that hasnt happened that I somehow considered?

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