Thoughts of the morning.

The struggle of my anxiety is often that I find myself looking for context through cause in order to shape, or even fabricate some sort of preconceived effect because I cant trust that as a human, I can easily adapt to a changing, or fluid situation.

Not everything needs to be made into a puzzle, and even if you find yourself solving one, it might not have 1000 pieces like you want.

Sometimes I find myself fabricating such puzzles about someone or something and paint a perspective that when faced with reality—the intersection of multiple perspectives—doesnt hold up like I fruitlessly hope for in any situation. The process I use to create those around me is inherently flawed, so why must I be so frustrated with them when in reality theyre created inside of me?

If I ask myself a question and answer it with logical reasoning, what was the point of asking myself? The information was there, why must I query myself for my own information? Or did I not actually know? What is ‘knowing’? Did this information actually come from within, or from a hypothetical situation that hasnt happened that I somehow considered?

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